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Posted by on Jan 2, 2013 in Science |

Experiment to control a cockroach on Twitter

Experiment to control a cockroach on Twitter

Brittany Ransom The artist created the “cockroach Twitter”, an insect that can be controlled by the messages you receive in your account, @TweetRoach . Just send a message with a command to instruct the cockroach.

The is equipped with a mini-backpack electronic RoboRoach called that stimulates nerves in the antennae of the cockroach, allowing the insect to make a left or right by pressing a button. Ransom worked with this device, besides adding an Arduino and its own software for the cockroach to join Twitter.

Thus, just send a message mentioning @TweetRoach indicating # # TweetRoachRight TweetRoachLeft or to make a left or right.

The cockroach is not connected all day, but use the backpack for short periods of time during which it is available for users of Twitter, Ransom explained to CNET . To not go crazy with the cockroach, the system is also scheduled to receive a single command every 30 seconds.

Ransom’s plan with this strange project is to see if the cockroach can learn to adapt and ignore the effect of the backpack, paralleling the digital overstimulation in which humans live today.

Link: Tap Twitter, cockroach control (Crave-CNET)

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