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Posted by on Oct 4, 2012 in Hardware News |

Explains why NVIDIA called removing voltage controls its partners

Explains why NVIDIA called removing voltage controls its partners

Yesterday we learned that Nvidia EVGA and MSI banned voltage controls that integrate both hardware and software (internal and external) in their video cards based on Nvidia Kepler GPUs , as such sparked controversy in many communities, which the has been forced to respond.

Nvidia responds that these measures are stipulated in their Program, which requires its partners (partners) AIB (All-in Board) and AIC (All-in Card) follow certain guidelines would otherwise not receive approval and risk losing the for Nvidia GPU. These guidelines have measures to protect the longevity of their products, to avoid disappoint users whose cards barely last a year or two, for it is prohibited to alter the outside the range set by Nvidia.

Greel Light was created to ensure that all Nvidia video cards on the market offer the highest possible quality and stable performance, silent, and low temperatures, and is not a measure to prevent the RMA (return merchandise authorization or returned merchandise security purposes).

Nvidia says the withstand within their own boundaries, so they offer to their members two options: make sure the is operating within its specifications in order to enjoy full Nvidia warranty, or allow the GPU out manual handling its specifications. In the latter case provides no guarantee Nvidia manufacturer.

Block the ways in which their partners allow Surge manual is not the goal of Green Light (from when threatening to withdraw the guarantee is not a way to lock), this decision belongs entirely to the manufacturer himself, and cases have been Some manufacturers offer products with features overvoltage, but then decided to keep their guarantees (such as cases of EVGA and MSI).

Clearly Green Light Program imposes constraints on the video manufacturers, reducing the number of features of their products. The Bright Side of News expressed doubts because Nvidia allowed several of its partners like EVGA and MSI releasing products that clearly breaching the guidelines of Green Light Program, reasons that could be linked to marketing so that they can be able to break world records and look good in the reviews, for once achieved it, silently remove these extras (which obviously did not happen in this case).

Whatever the reasons, this sounds like bad news for overclockers and enthusiast users as a shock that reduces the added value of custom video cards.

Link: Nvidia’s Green Light Program – Improving Quality or Strangling Innovation? (Bright Side of News)

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