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Posted by on Jun 21, 2012 in Social Networks |

Facebook adds emoticons in your chat, including the hand “like”


added a number of in the chat. The news was announced at the “tips for users,” where the indicates that “you can now easily add smiley faces and other emoticons to a conversation while you with your friends.”

The emoticons are the classics of all time, ie the smiley face, tongue, besides the typical sad finger up to “like”. These drawings are in the bottom right of the chat window when you click on the name of a friend to talk to him.

Curiously, if we go into the chat text box the word: putnam:, will the face of one of the first engineers of this social network. Also, if you happen to write the name of one of your contacts or someone famous in parentheses of brackets in the same chat text box will appear as a smiley your profile picture.

Well, if we try entering part of the name of the founder of Facebook , or [[Zuck]] also see a smiley with his image. And if you want to appear like the famous dog of this character, just by typing [[beastthedog]] can have the most popular of all internet and already numbers more than 600 thousand followers.

If you use other emoticons that are not on the list that displays the chat, simply type or So if you know more of these classifications to find other ways, please post it in the comments.

Definitely a fun addition, that although many may consider this silly, is central to many discussions to add context to what we are talking about and may well not seem as serious or angry at the receiver on the other side of the screen.

Link: Facebook Adds Emoticons To Chat, Including A Special “Like-moticon” (TechCrunch)

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