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Posted by on Jun 22, 2012 in Social Networks |

Facebook adds option to edit comments

Facebook adds option to edit comments

Sure some of us more than ever we went we published a comment on and after having posted, we realized a horrible mistake, because it is a misspelling or that we forgot to add some important data. To correct this error had two options: to be extremely fast and hit the option to delete the comment a few seconds after you posted, which displayed the option to or delete this post and type it again.

Facebook seems to have finally realized that it was not the most optimal way to deal with the problem. Thus, in the coming days will begin to see a new edit option next to the option to delete comments. By choosing this option, the text returns to the edit box and allows us to make changes. If you decide to finally desist from making any changes just press the Esc key to cancel and the comment will be unchanged.

The Palo Alto yesterday added this tool and you can see in some profiles as you start to extend to all network accounts. Besides this being left behind Facebook and a new attempt to improve its platform, launched this feature that other networks such as Google + already had.

Link: Facebook is now rolling out the Ability to edit your comments (TheNextWeb)

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