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Posted by on Oct 4, 2012 in Social Networks |

Facebook aims to be at the service of medicine, finance and government

Facebook aims to be at the service of medicine, finance and government

This morning, we learned the news that Facebook reached one billion users , a historical event for which today is the most popular social network in the world. But does not plan to stop there, and apparently, this success is only the beginning of a larger adventure for the portal as a service.

Because as stated in a business meeting, the would have realized that the 1,000 million people constitute a large enough spectrum for other companies to consider the database as user base, that is, as a service basic eg when asking to register a new account on sites like Netflix or Skype.

Zuckerberg says more importantly, is the possibility of building new projects around the power that gives Facebook for other companies know who are friends which users, something that could be “a great incentive to trade,” said Mark.

But the speech did not stop there: the idea of Facebook as a service could be extended not only to things like Netflix, but also to the medical industry, finance and even governmental entities themselves, which “at some point, begin to be a better map of how to browse the web that the traditional structure of links (links) “concluded Zuckerberg.

Link: Zuckerberg wants everything to connect through Facebook (CNET)

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