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Posted by on Jun 20, 2012 in Social Networks |

Facebook allows application developers to offer subscriptions

Facebook allows application developers to offer subscriptions

allow developers to create applications for offer paid subscriptions to users. This may be paid once a month, for example, play or get extra benefits in an application.

The company also announced that the online payment service will start using the local currencies of each country instead of Facebook credits.

According to the company, this will lead to “simplify the shopping experience” for its more than 900 million users worldwide. This will give more flexibility to people who want to buy apps and games and can pay by local currency.

Currently, few companies are testing this payment system, including both KIXEYE is like Zynga and now offer “contents” for those who pay a certain amount of money per month.

With this announcement, Facebook added a second “improvement” in its payment system, especially if we remember that a couple of weeks ago released an update to its mobile payment and reduce the 7 steps 2 to make a purchase in this version of your product.

Link: Introducing subscriptions and local currency pricing (Facbeook Blog)

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