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Posted by on Dec 12, 2012 in Internet |

Facebook also unveils its count in 2012

Facebook also unveils its count in 2012

Trends in Spain.

First it was Twitter and Google later . Now it is the turn to the biggest of all to make his season, so has launched two portals to summarize what has been the year 2012, in an initiative that has been taken as the main Internet and carries slogan the concept of “trends”.

Because through the site can review the selection you have made Facebook to highlight the most relevant of 2012, separating important trends by country and leaving a large section to the U.S., where you can see what is most spoke through social networking around events, memes, music and other topics of interest. Not all countries are available, but for example, if we look at the trends in Spain-in-picture, we can see that the most discussed topics were “working”, “strike”, “Rajoy” and “economic crisis”.

But besides that, a second recount can be done in , highlighting the major milestones that happened in your own personal timeline, reminding epic or activities and postings that were much talked about, and to make a small flashback to your life and remember this milestone in Internet 2012.

Link: Facebook ‘Year in Review’ for you and your friends (The Verge)

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