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Posted by on Jun 5, 2012 in Internet, Social Networks |

Facebook also warns if you are infected with DNSChanger

Facebook also warns if you are infected with DNSChanger

As a couple of days ago began notifying those who were infected with the evil DNSChanger , Zuckerberg’s social network not to be outdone and also is warning about infection to users accessing the site from a computer infected with this Trojan .

The message displayed to warn of this infection will contain the steps and a link to fix the problem and thus disinfect the equipment. Thus, the most visited sites on the that joined this crusade to warn about the infection of this malware, help that after a few days the number of infected computers quickly fall.

Those affected have until Monday July 9 to repair this problem, since at that time, the FBI shut down all servers and those who are infected will lose their Internet access.

For your peace of mind, remember that the creators of this Trojan originated in Estonia were arrested in November last year . Where an estimated number of infected computers around half the world’s leading companies and major government agencies.

Link: Those Facebook to help clean up infected with DNSChanger Their computer Before July 9th (The Next Web)

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