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Posted by on Jun 27, 2013 in Social Networks |

Facebook Bug could be worse than it looks

Facebook Bug could be worse than it looks

that was discovered a few days ago and presented the data from six million users might have been more serious than acknowledged social network. So say from firm, arguing further that Facebook does not tell the whole truth.

According to security experts, the problem is that when notifying affected Facebook users, they are not clearly informed of all the that was actually exposed. In Packet Storm checked the data delivered by Facebook against the evidence that they did to find the error, and its conclusion is that something is not right:

“We compared the email notifications of Facebook with our test data. In one case, Facebook said it had revealed only one additional email address, but actually revealed four. Another person was told three data presented, when they had been seven. It seems pretty clear that not all data listed for a total of more accurate information. “

Moreover, the problem would also splashed people who have a Facebook profile, but whose data was in the address book of a user’s social network. Apparently, certain information was in the nebula because from the social network could not confirm that it belonged to a particular user, and if Facebook began to contact all those who were not “clients”, the real magnitude of the problem may have gone to light.

ZDNet reported in people have contacted Facebook regarding claims Packet Storm, but since the company responded that there is nothing new to add to that.

Link: Facebook: Math of the Aftermath (via ZDNet )

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