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Posted by on Jun 24, 2013 in Social Networks |

Facebook Bug reveals the contact information of 6 million users by accident

Facebook Bug reveals the contact information of 6 million users by accident

(Cc) rutty / Flickr

tool that allows a user to download your social network exposed by accident contact details of 6 million people, the company admitted in a post on his blog .

The phone numbers and email addresses that were stored as friends suggestion algorithms were linked to accounts of Facebook user’s contacts, so that when he downloaded the data, also down the contact of those persons associated.

Facebook explained that when a person goes your contact list or address book to the social network, the site tries to fit these with information from other social network users to suggest friends. So, when you download the data file, “could have included additional mailing addresses or telephone numbers for your contacts or people who have some connection.”

Facebook indicated that these data were not necessarily updated, and so far has not received any reports or complaints about the data referred to have been used maliciously.

The social network says that since repaired the problem in this tool. “We have concluded that approximately 6 million Facebook users have email addresses or phone numbers shared” they say.

The affected users will be notified via email. The company tried to downplay the leak stating that the person who downloaded the data and had some point of contact with the individuals that got the numbers or e-mails, however, “is something that we are upset and embarrassed, and work twice as hard to make sure that nothing like this happens again. “

Link: Important message from Facebook’s White Hat program (Facebook)

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