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Posted by on Jun 16, 2012 in Uncategorized |

Facebook CFO is fired, it will create new company

Facebook CFO is fired, it will create new company

(Cc) Scott Beale

is the CFO, Chief Technical Officer, Facebook, or rather, was. This is because, first, got some reports about Taylor stepping aside and leaving out the social network. Second, Taylor announced himself on (where else?) That now dedicate its efforts to other things, more like “start-up”.

“I want everyone to know that I will leave Facebook in the summer (winter in the Southern Hemisphere). It is sad to leave, but I’m also excited about starting a new company with my friend Kevin Gibbs.

While such a change is never easy, I have great confidence in the leadership and the teams left. I am very proud of our recent achievements in the platform and mobile products from Open Graph and Facebook App Center to the Camera and integration with IOS. I can not wait for the world to see what’s coming. “

The point is that, although the departure of someone as crucial as Taylor is on friendly terms, there are few voices have been raised speculation the reasons for this departure. Even, it is said that since the opening of the bag pressure the company and a focus on its young directors have been too, and there could be a reason for brain drain that could potentially start.

Although of course, if the leadership in place by Taylor before departure are as good as expected, the change might not be very noticeable for most users. Yes, it is impossible to overlook the fact that Bret Taylor came to the company in 2009 and through a purchase, when Facebook was done with FriendFeed.

For now, nobody knows exactly who will work the former of Google, but anticipates that it is something that not even fully understand how the consumer, but the same happened when he worked creating what would be the idea of Google Maps. If you like going with that …

Link: Exclusive: Facebook CTO Bret Taylor Departs (For Start-Ups Unknown) (All Things D)

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