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Posted by on Nov 30, 2012 in Companies, Social Networks |

Facebook changes its contract with Zynga, could create their own games

Facebook changes its contract with Zynga, could create their own games

changed the agreement it signed with Zynga, making each company more independent and eliminating a number of that had been imposed in 2010. Among the changes, is no longer required to use Facebook Credits for their games, nor be forced to launch their creations exclusively on the social network.

However, changes within a paragraph appears also notes that “as of March 31, 2013, certain provisions related to the web and growth objectives and programs no longer apply mobile and Facebook will not have a ban develop their own games.

So far, Facebook has not expressed any interest in creating as there are other companies that make them in the platform. However, paragraph indicate that this possibility is not ruled out perhaps in the future, something that developers of games for Facebook would not receive in a good way. For now, however, the phrase seems to be trying to make clear that Facebook can do whatever I want, without restriction of contracts, and does not involve going to focus on creating games.

Changes to are an attempt to reduce the dependence of both companies. Although Zynga has failed to successfully take off, it still generates a significant amount of revenue for Facebook. Now the social network hopes to achieve similar contracts with as many developers, while Zynga needs to diversify and stop relying so much of the functions of Facebook.

Link: After changes deal with Zynga, Facebook Could now make its own games (AllThingsD)

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