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Posted by on Oct 8, 2012 in Social Networks |

Facebook Director of Communications leaves office

Facebook Director of Communications leaves office

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Another senior leaves the company Facebook: Joe Lockhart, former spokesman of the U.S. government during the administration of Bill Clinton, and responsible global communications global social network for the last 15 months, has decided to step down for “personal reasons” .

And is that the official version of the game is that Lockhart wants to move to California, where the offices of Zuckerberg and his team, but wants to live in the eastern United States.

However, in The Wall Street Journal highlights Lockhart’s departure was preceded by a series of resignations of key positions in the company, noting that in June jumped ship Zuckerberg, president of technology, Bret Taylor, as well as those responsible associations and product platforms …

Seeing this series of withdrawals, will necessarily turn to think if anything to do with the difficult times experienced by the social network after its IPO in the month of May: Will they know more than they have and so have decided to undertake roads ‘safer’? Only time will tell.

Link: The Facebook communications manager leaves the company (Portaltic)

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