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Posted by on Jun 21, 2012 in Social Networks |

Facebook feature test to show how many friends are online

Facebook feature test to show how many friends are online

is testing a new feature that works as an accountant and indicate the number of that are connected at the same time as you, and secondly, the amount of your friends who have not seen a publication X days ago yours. The idea clearly is to encourage you to use more social network.

Apparently this feature would be being tested in a small number of accounts.

Another of these changes is related to the status update, unlike the text “what’s on your mind?” (What you’re thinking) would be replaced by “start a conversation” (starts a conversation).

The risk of including counter online friends is something that can become annoying to users, and also that people feel a little invaded or pressured by it.

According to TechCrunch includes another change that Facebook plans to carry out is for us to have more interaction with our friends. Thus, when we move the cursor over the hovercard or the name of a contact, it will appear much larger and we will display the user’s timeline, its geographical location and other data held by his biography. In this way one could click on a few “like” or enter you comment more easily.

How about the new changes that Facebook plans to implement on your site? Is it enough for our activity in this network grow and our relationship with certain friends become stronger?

Link: Log In Shows Facebook Friend Counts, Passive aggressively Nudges You To Post (TechCrunch)

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