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Posted by on May 22, 2012 in Economy |

Facebook: For the second straight day stocks closed with losses

Facebook: For the second straight day stocks closed with losses

Yesterday we mentioned the loss of almost 11% of the value of the shares of Facebook with respect to Friday, well, today the of the social network received another blow to the ego and they closed with a loss of 8.9% now to meet with a value of $ 31.

It is true that already begins to feel the frustration among investors on the first bought shares at $ 38 and have lost $ 7 per share, but this is due to several factors, not just the fear of the famous bubble of 2000 .

You can blame a little to Europe and nervousness that is generated in international markets crisis in Greece and Spain’s financial problems, sure many have noticed as its currency has lost ground against the dollar.

U.S. banks are being very careful, have a lot of pressure on any government to be very responsible with their spending.

Other investors are afraid that had some problems on Friday and the stock exchange was delayed for half an hour, leaving investors without information for a while. It was also learned today that Morgan Stanley cut its earnings forecast for this year, JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs also revised its estimates for the company.

Link: Nasdaq

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