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Posted by on Dec 11, 2012 in Companies |

Facebook, Google and other companies are asking the Justice reject patents on abstract ideas

Facebook, Google and other companies are asking the Justice reject patents on abstract ideas

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In another chapter of “patent war”, a number of companies including Google, Zynga, Dell, Intuit, Red Hat, and others petitioned the courts to reject patent claims based on vague concepts concerning or specific applications, because they increase costs and retard innovation.

“Many patent applications related to computers simply describe an abstract idea with a high level of generality and claim that the action is performed on a computer or through Internet. Statements delivered as raw exclusive rights to the same abstract idea, no limit on how implemented this idea. Providing patent protection for such ideas prevent, not promote, innovation by giving exclusive rights to applications of the abstract idea, “says the document.

“The abstraction of computer-related has much of the blame for the unusually high and litigation costs associated with such patent agreements. It is so imperative that the courts apply the research function of Section 101 in most cases, to spare the defendants and courts unnecessary costs of litigation cases complete or agreements “they add.

Companies also remind the court that in previous cases guidelines have been used to determine whether a patent is inventive enough, fail guide that many existing patents. It also ensures that many innovators, threatened by patents, should risk going to trial that could end up making them pay millions, or spend large amounts to pay for a license and technology they developed for themselves.

It is hard to remember the cases we have seen in recent years, where companies stop their work to operate according to the and counter-demands that need to be made to protect abstract ideas. It may be difficult to separate one part where “inventive idea” and ends the “abstract idea”, but should have a test system to stop the amount of general and vague patents.

“It is easy to think about abstract ideas about what a computer or website should do, but how difficult, valuable and often revolutionary online innovation comes next: To design, analyze, build and deploy the interface, software and hardware to implement any ideas in a way that is useful in everyday life, “they conclude.

Link: Facebook, Google, Zynga ask courts to reject patents on abstract Ideas that plague tech innovation (TechCrunch)

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