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Posted by on Aug 7, 2012 in Entertainment, Social Networks |

Facebook has its first application of real-money wagers

Facebook has its first application of real-money wagers

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An English company launched “Bingo Friendzy,” the first application of real bets within Facebook. The game allows you to deposit money on bingo games and slot machines.

The application has caused some controversy because level is sold with the image of a cute stuffed animals, which could motivate children to play. Although only people who have registered on who are older than 18 can access the application, the ages can be forged without much problem.

The game is only available in the UK and is the first application of bets accepted in the social network, which has lost a bit in its rules after going public and being forced to generate higher revenues. Facebook will receive 30% of what generates Bingo Friendzy.

Other applications are expected to begin Betting will soon appear on the social network as well, from casinos and online gambling.

Link: Outcry over ‘child-friendly’ Facebook app gamblig (Telegraph)

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