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Posted by on May 25, 2012 in Software |

Facebook is considering buying Opera

Futurology: Facebook is considering buying Opera

Shocking news: a circulating on the web that says Opera, creator of the web browser could be acquired by Facebook. Before you give someone a heart attack, remember that we are talking about a rumor and that there are no certainties. Yet.

The rumor comes from Pocket-lint , which ensures that a “source close” would have given them the information. could enter into competition with Microsoft, Google, Mozilla, Apple and Yahoo recently through the Norwegian browser.

has a large plot progressed particularly in the mobile area, which could be helpful to Facebook if to better compete in this area. Google could also scare, which has tried to become social in recent times.

Despite the disastrous entry listing of Facebook, the social network pocketed $ 16,000 million USD with the operation, so you have money to spend.

The Next Web with another anonymous source confirmed that Opera is in talks with potential buyers, and froze the hiring of new staff, which could be a sign that they are indeed talking to Facebook, but we will not be safe until you have ads.

Links: Is Facebook About to buy Opera browser to create own Facebook? (Pocket-Lint)

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