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Posted by on Oct 18, 2012 in Social Networks |

Facebook is letting? Companies look at what we give ‘Like’?

Facebook is letting? Companies look at what we give 'Like'?

(CC) Denis Dervisevic

As reported by U.S. media , Facebook would allow advertisers observe certain other interests of the followers of their brands in the social network, all this as a way to help them to better plan their advertising. That if the tool would be available only still for certain ‘priority accounts’, that is, big brands.

This means that if you gave him a ‘Like’ a particular company’s brand, that brand advertisers would know that other things you gave ‘Like’, whether your songs, bands or favorite TV shows, etc.. Obviously, the information provided would not be individuated, ie not give your personal information to the advertiser, only your tastes.

Facebook refused to give statements. Well, if this is confirmed, I doubt many people would give pleasing ‘Like’ to brands of companies in the social network.

Link: Facebook said to let some companies see pages you like (C | Net)

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