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Posted by on Jun 20, 2013 in Companies |

Facebook may launch a video service style came today

Facebook may launch a video service style came today

has scheduled a few moments a special event to launch a new product , and since the announcement people have been wondering what could be. The main rumors point to a short service that would compete with of .

The Wall Street Journal supported these estimates, claiming that Facebook has been working “for months” in this project, “which allow users to create and share short video clips,” says the newspaper. The same says All Things D , but ensures that the product will be linked to Instagram.

The format came six seconds has been quite popular, especially with firms. While Facebook shared many videos all come from other services such as YouTube, for example, limiting the ability of the site to generate money from them.

If it is true or not, we’ll find out in a few moments.

Grasping for a Vine: Video for Instagram to see only reveal at FB event (AllThingsD)
Facebook plays catch-up with Twitter on video (WSJ)

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