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Posted by on May 18, 2012 in Featured, Internet, Social Networks |

Facebook: Milestones to understand its enormous value before entering the bag

(Cc) Scott Beale

Facebook is about to enter the bag today, and although we sometimes forget, the last 8 years the biggest social network in the world did not exist. The explosive growth has been rapid falls in history, and in this post will try to follow the path that led to Facebook from its beginnings to today.

The tour also includes data tasty, like having a movie about their origins and the trial he faced founder Mark Zuckerberg after a couple of fellow Harvard sue him for stealing the idea.

For this and much more, we wanted to refresh your memory and in a couple of points we tell you very briefly the most important milestones on this network and Zuckerberg.


  • Zuckerberg, a sophomore at Harvard University, launched Thefacebook, a kind of portal that could access only the university of this university.
  • Facebook expands from Harvard to Stanford, Yale and Columbia.
  • Facebook is installed in Palo Alto, California.
  • Add the option groups and the wall is added as a feature in the profile.
  • The emerging social network reaches 1 million active users.


  • Facebook increased its capital and expand to 800 over university networks.
  • officially changed its name to Facebook
  • Facebook expands its network to high school students
  • Added option to include photographs and integrate international student networks
  • Zuckerberg’s network of 5.5 million registered users active


  • Facebook continues to increase its capital and launches applications to access the site through mobile devices
  • Open their networks for professionals
  • This social network is launching its own development platform and integrates the Notes application. Also signed a strategic agreement with Microsoft to distribute banner ads.
  • Mini-Feeds and News Feeds are included with additional privacy controls. Besides expanding its network registration so anyone can join.
  • Launch of the Share feature, made in 20 sites linked to this network.
  • Facebook doubles and a little more active users registering 12 million of these.


  • It launches the application of virtual gifts and stands out as novel feature in the platform.
  • Facebook registers 1 million active users and 2 million English Canadians.
  • Interface Upgrade your site and reaches 20 million active users.
  • Social networking startup buys Parakey.
  • At year’s end, Facebook reaches 50 million active users and is launching its platform for both desktop and mobile.
  • Facebook extended its agreement with Microsoft, and it has acquired a portion of the network.
  • Facebook Adds born (advertising)


  • Facebook becomes sponsor of the presidential debates with ABC News.
  • Includes 21 new languages.
  • Facebook updates its privacy controls
  • Facebook integrates its chat service
  • Facebook reaches 100 million active users and is now available for all age groups


  • Facebook intrega CNN Live
  • Add the “likes” and joins OpenID
  • Facebook adds new investors
  • Facebook Launches Usernames
  • Facebook acquires FriendFeed
  • In December reached 350 million users
  • Beacon closed social network, a system so that users could see the purchases of friends. Facebook was sued for violating the privacy of users and two years later, Zuckerberg called the system “a mistake”.


  • In March, Zuckerberg admits that the site recorded more than 400 million users and will begin trading on the stock.
  • The newspaper The Wall Street Journal estimated its value between $ 35 billion and $ 50 billion.
  • The site updates its privacy policies
  • For the first time U.S. users spend more time on Facebook than Google itself
  • Premiere of the film which tells the story of Zuckerberg and Facebook nascent, winning three Oscars in 2011.
  • The Time magazine in December Zuckerberg selected as the “Man of the Year” .


  • Facebook is a financial transaction which puts its value at $ 50 billion.
  • Justice determines the amount millionaire to end demand from twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss , who accused Zuckerberg of stealing the idea of the site.
  • Mark Zuckerberg says his site is not necessary or sufficient for the Arab spring had been let loose with the force shocked the Arabs in the last year.
  • Facebook again undertakes to amend its privacy policies and confidentiality issues, promising to submit to an audit for 20 years to regulate this issue .


  • In February, Facebook introduced her to check the bag.
  • Facebook is estimated to cost USD $ 100 billion by going public in New York.
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