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Posted by on Jun 5, 2012 in Social Networks |

Facebook more and more boring? 1 in 3 think so

¿Facebook more and more boring? 1 in 3 think so

According to data obtained from a survey conducted by in conjunction with Reuters in the U.S., is becoming more and more would be boring, or so I believe 34% of Americans surveyed who reported less frequently enter the social platform During these last six months.

The survey on the use of Facebook, applied over a thousand American s interesting results on the current scenario of the network founded by . Although this is not a global sample, however serves as a reference to get an idea of how things have changed for the network believed the favorite.

According to the study, 40% of respondents to the questions indicated that they use Facebook daily. However, 34% said spending less time on the site for half a year ago, while 20% said they now spend more hours at the site six months ago.

Also, users who said they now earn below a Facebook site referred to as “unhelpful”, “boring” and “irrelevant,” adjectives that come to make sense tired after several analysts have been encouraged to forecast the future of this network in a couple of years.

Within the active users are those with between 18 and 34 corresponding to 60% of users per day entering the network. While the least access to this site are over 55 years.

Another fact worthy of note that included this survey is that many of the users said that after seeing a product or service advertising on Facebook will never buy it again.

Link: Facebook ‘boring’? 1 in 3 users are tuning it out (CNet)

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