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Posted by on Jun 17, 2012 in Economy, Internet |

Facebook now blames the Nasdaq for its disastrous entry into the bag

Facebook now blames the Nasdaq for its disastrous entry into the bag

It’s been a month since began trading on the stock market, and history has not been entirely happy for the social network. At steady decline in the stock price, add some that have received the own Mark Zuckerberg , according to allegations, have hidden inside information about the (over) valuation of your company.

But Facebook almost as they wash their hands and point to strangers as the perpetrators of the whole problem. Specifically, the shafts of the company are directed towards the Nasdaq, as an alleged failure of its management system caused chaos on the day it went public, delaying the opening and creating confusion among investors who were ready to buy shareholdings, but encountered numerous problems when implementing their purchases.

The odd thing is that effectively acknowledged the situation and came to offer a public apology after a few days, but from Facebook said it was even worse for their purposes. This is because, once recognized the technological problem, many investors fled en masse to sell shares of Facebook, which again caused the price of these will be chopped down. And still not recovered.

Currently, Facebook are well concerned dealing with all claims that they are falling for his disastrous opening to the stock market, as could be described at this point. By the same token, redirect the focus to the Nasdaq and its failure is a form of defense, even though from the company insist that nothing “illegal or improper took place during the process,” dismissing the charges. Of course, the courts and the time give or take away reasons the plaintiffs or defendants.

Link: Facebook Blames Weak Nasdaq Errors Market For Its Debut (Mashable)

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