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Posted by on Jun 12, 2013 in Social Networks |

Facebook now has Hashtags

Facebook now has Hashtags

As had been rumored for some time, officially announced today the integration of the social network hashtags as a way to centralize a conversation on a topic, as in Twitter.

According to Facebook, on prime time TV in the U.S. between 88 and 100 million people interacting in the social network. The company says that for the episode “The Red Wedding” Game of Thrones, there were 1.5 million mentions of the series on the site, however, there was no way to group them.

“In order to bring these discussions to a close, Facebook will present new features that allow for greater visibility of the interesting topics that people are talking, whether public events, people or specific themes. As a first step, we present hashtags in Facebook, “the company statement.

Hashtags are added just like in Twitter, by adding # before the word to be used. The # hashtags specific to a topic can be found using the search. You can also click on the that have been created “in other services,” says Facebook, using the example of Instagram. Will it work with Twitter? We should try it.

There will be a list of all items that mention the hashtag, where you can write answers directly to continue the conversation. Facebook apparently will filter this list according to the permissions granted to you by post. “As always, you control the audience of your items, including those with hashtags”, the statement said.

Facebook indicates that there will be more new features that will be forthcoming, “including popular hashtags and more information to help people discover more of the world’s conversations.” Hashtags should start appearing soon for all users.

Link: Public conversations on Facebook (Facebook Newsroom)

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