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Posted by on Jun 2, 2012 in Internet, Social Networks |

Facebook now recommends use Opera instead of Chrome

Facebook now recommends use Opera instead of Chrome

Rumors about the purchase of Opera by Facebook took some force after it was discovered that now every time we access with an older version of your to the network, and we recommend that we install , but in the list will appear Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera.

Replacing this recommendation by to place instead of Chrome Opera, correspond to a strategy by Zuck network to “advertise” what would your future purchase. Thus, users will start to become more familiar with the browser of Norwegian origin.

Of course all this is speculation. This does not mean that Facebook has dropped support for Chrome or anything like that, but a subtle recommendation to opt for the Norwegian browser if the user has an outdated browser.

Link: Facebook no longer Recommends Google Chrome, Replaces It With Opera (BGR)

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