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Posted by on Jun 17, 2012 in Social Networks |

Facebook paid $ 10 million to charity by the demand for the “sponsored stories”

We’ve all seen the famous “sponsored stories” that are used as a form of advertising: usually, is the face of a friend who “likes” a particular product. However, a group of users of did not like this style of and social network sued in that state, claiming that the violated some of their rights as users.

And those who are promoting a product does not have option to choose if they want your face or your name in the ad or not, much less any payments are given for this, as would be logical. The matter gets worse still when Demand is mentioned that the value of these stories can be sponsored up to three times compared with ordinary commercial.

Finally, it was decided to demand a settlement between the parties and agreed to pay $ 10 million to some kind of charity, which was not specified. The agreement had been reached a month ago but only became public in recent days.

Now, it remains to be seen what will happen with these stories sponsored in the future, something that did not address either one of Facebook and discussed in the official report. It seems that this type of advertising does not please everyone, or is it something to shop around for the social network and meet with groups like “Or just the stories sponsored or I’m leaving”. To you, how about advertising a product to appear and without compensation?

Link: Facebook to pay $ 10 million to settle suit (Reuters)

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