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Posted by on Dec 10, 2012 in Social Networks |

Facebook removed the option of having users vote

Facebook removed the option of having users vote

last week called for users to participate in a vote on of social network operation. The company sought to eliminate the ability for users to to accept or reject a change in the operation of the site, which you can do now unimpeded.

No vote shall be considered in the decisions of the company, was involved 30% of users, which in this case is 300 million. In the vote, which closed today , involving nearly 700,000 people, with over 589,000 votes against reform.

Although a large number, was far from reach 300 million. The result implies that users can vote to decide on changes made in the future, and the experiment of “democracy” within the social network will end.

Facebook implemented this system in 2009, trying to give greater participation of users in decision-making, that after all, involve what happens to the personal information contained within the site. However, many users never knew they had this possibility. Furthermore, the conditions imposed by Facebook made it almost impossible that the results of the vote were considered mandatory for the company.

Thus, the decision largely opposed to the changes that have been expressed in this vote will be considered only as a council, and the company may exercise the changes that seem.

Facebook at least made the process transparent, and sent an email to all users explaining the proposal, allowed users to share their votes with friends, and postings on the subject showed strongly in the newsfeed, which was not enough for the people interested in voting. The change in the operating system can “make any difference” to many – because “Facebook just does what it wants” – but not this change is not important: Although users will not use it, they had the option to vote, that from today no longer have.

Link: Half a million people voted against Facebook’s governance changes, but not enought as polls close (TechCrunch)

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