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Posted by on May 25, 2012 in Internet, Social Networks |

Facebook: Safety Tips for Your Own

Facebook: Safety Tips for Your Own

Recall that a few days ago we note a thief who robbed a cafe but forgot to close your Facebook account , in addition to the epic fail, it reminded us how important it is security, especially in social networks because malicious people never lack can have access to our personal information.

This is why we give you some to protect your data and if you can, you help your friends and family to do the same.

  • Always use a secure password: “Juan1234″ or “pedro1982″ are not exactly the best ideas for a password. Try to be long, alphanumeric and at least have some other character such as%, #,! or $, an example: $ juane lulz56
  • Have a safe email account: if you miss your need an account where you receive instructions on how to retrieve it. Make sure that the password for your email account and your is not the same.
  • Use the questions: Many times we think they are a nuisance, but sometimes the security questions can save a lot of headaches, if you create a custom question, try to be something only you know, do not use something like ” My favorite dish? A: Pizza. “
  • Finish your session Facebook: Whenever you are on a computer other than your own, remember to close your session. More than half the time we “hack” Facebook actually do not, just take advantage of an error on our part.

Now, this is just the basics so you do not get to your account, but that does not stop strangers to find out everything about you. The of your profile is important and caution in posting information online.

  • Upgrade the privacy of your profile: In the preferences you can set which parts of your profile are public and private parties. If you do not want anyone bothering you then you’d better just let friends and family can view your profile.
  • Check your apps: Sometimes we get invited to a game, sometimes know our date of birth, sometimes we know that super hero. Each of these applications have access to your profile and not all are reliable. Check the list of installed applications on your profile and do not use or do not trust, delete them.
  • Do not talk to strangers: As daft as it can be read, some people just are checking Facebook to see who can cheat. If someone wants to add you first check your profile, make sure it’s a real user and not someone invented.
  • Beware the smartphone: Many of us have Facebook accounts linked to our Twitter, GetGlue, Foursquare, Raptr and a thousand other things. Be careful with the information you share, especially if your profile is public. If for some sad reason is lost or stolen phone, change your passwords as soon as possible.
  • Try to keep your antivirus up to date: Facebook is pretty safe but you never know when you can drop a type of malware that steal your e-access accounts, banking sites, messenger, etc.. The best protection is to always have updated.
  • Do not use unfamiliar software: If someone asks you to install something on your PC or Mac and is of doubtful origin, do not. Some of those programs that voluntarily decide to install can steal information.

Never is a reminder for other security issues, it may be time to update their password or to review the privacy of your own, everything is just to save a hard time.

Link: Facebook Help

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