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Posted by on May 26, 2012 in Internet, Social Networks |

Facebook testing new feature to highlight our closest friends

Facebook testing new feature to highlight our closest friends

again added a new feature to its platform, which is marked with a in a buddy that the network considered are your closest – insurance by the interaction you have with these individuals – and thus we can manage best list with our best friends.

This functionality is very similar to the list that already exists, except that management is much more visual, simple and close to the design of the . So when we visit the biography of one of our contacts, will be marked by a gold star that is superimposed on the profile picture. Apparently this new change was implemented to a limited number of accounts, so that only certain people have been able to witness this new modality that seeks to integrate Facebook.

While some time we can group your contacts between the default lists that Facebook offered us – best friends, and acquaintances – and a couple of others. So for that we not lose any details about the activities and publications that have made our best friends and is much easier to manage this listing, is that the main social network of all time is testing a visual style in which we can appreciate what contacts we have built on our list of close contacts.

This option is quite similar to the circles that integrates Google+ , which is one of its salient features and gives us access that we want to have the publication to do, so if we post something purely personal, then we choose to only see our circle of friends, for example.

Although Facebook is in constant renewal of its functions and features, not always all ultimately end up forming part of the platform. While the list of close friends and there, this new feature is highly interesting.

Link: Facebook quietly starred highlighting to help manage UI Friends close friends list (TheVerge)

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