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Posted by on Jun 1, 2012 in Social Networks |

Facebook tries to reduce spam stopping the automatic shared

Facebook tries to reduce spam stopping the automatic shared

In the latest changes, added the “shared histories”, a system to automatically what you’re doing – watching movies, listening to music, reading something, etc. – with your friends. The result? infinity of what is doing the rest, it is almost impossible to read in your newsfeed, and no one really cares much.

Many of the things that are shared does not mean a recommendation: sometimes a person comes to watch a video or read something, you realize you are not interested and goes, but applications and shared it with all your friends like. The social network did so some changes to try to stem this wave of data flooding the activities of the rest.

Now, users should be informed when content is to be auto-shared and people can choose not to share what they are seeing. They must also spend at least 10 seconds since you opened the video or the article before applications can share with your friends what you’re doing.

Facebook launched the “frictionless sharing” eight months ago, allowing applications could share a person was using it with all friends. The social network ran a series of “best practices” as a recommendation, but the truth is that most applications are only interested in reaching the widest audience possible, taking advantage of this tool and causing spam.

Link: Facebook finally cracks down on car-sharing spam with “10 second rule” (TechCrunch)

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