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Posted by on Dec 3, 2012 in Social Networks |

Facebook users have seven days to decide whether to retain their right to vote

Facebook users have seven days to decide whether to retain their right to vote

Starting today, users have seven days to accept or reject changes to the operating system of the site proposed by the social network. The company sent a message to users a few weeks ago explaining that you want to change the system currently maintains to make changes in the operation of the site, where users can to accept or reject the changes proposed by the company.

This system was implemented in 2009 to try to calm the perceptions of abuse of user information, allowing the community to a certain extent regulate the process. However, Facebook claims that the site is now “too big” for the feedback, and therefore proposes to eliminate. Instead, implement a system where users can submit their questions, to be answered by the company.

But as the voting rule still exists, paradoxically eliminating the vote should be put to a vote before Facebook can do anything.

For the right to vote is not eliminated, 30% of Facebook users to vote, and most of them should reject the proposal. With 1,000 million users, that means 300 million people should vote. A high number is unlikely to be achieved, so many believe that this will be the last vote on policies of the site is carried out in the social network.

In the same vote approving or rejecting other points, which imply that:

  • Facebook can share information with any company affiliated with it, including Instagram
  • Facebook can change who can contact you through messages
  • Facebook can clarify who can see your content after the hide of the Timeline

Voting is open until 10 December.

Link: Facebook Site Governance (Facebook)

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