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Posted by on Jun 15, 2012 in Social Networks |

Facebook wants your phone number … to take better care

Facebook wants your phone number ... to take better care

After a week ago we found out about the leak of passwords for different services – LinkedIn , eHarmony and LastFm – Facebook would not let the issue of of its platform at random, that is why as a new measure to protect data Now he is asking all users to enter their mobile number. What for? The idea is that in case of any cyberattack can reset your receiving a verification code on your smartphone.

That’s why when you log in the top of the screen you will see a link that some have already been displayed. In this we are invited to enter the number of your smartphone, thus automatically be recorded and linked to our account. You can also see other advice that suggests you watch for any suspicious activity or message which could be a victim, of course change your password periodically and that this also is strong.

While Facebook already had this type of measure and as many as traditional security questions and to identify friends in the pictures, now wants to go one step further and avoid identity theft with the adoption of this new form so you can recover your password in the most unfortunate cases.

Now there are other services that have chosen to ask their users to enter their mobile number to the same situation, as the case of Google , which takes some time doing with each of their services.

How about this new move by Zuckerberg’s social network?

Link: Facebook Asks For A User Every Verified Phone Number To Prevent Security Disaster (TechCrunch)

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