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Posted by on Nov 26, 2012 in Social Networks |

Facebook will ask you to vote to eliminate your right to vote

Facebook will ask you to vote to eliminate your right to vote

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It sounds paradoxical, but the rules are the rules. Facebook proposed a few days ago to change its mode of operation , which involves removing the option that users have to to approve or reject the changes you want to make the social network.

“We found that the voting mechanism created a system that encouraged the number of comments rather than quality. Therefore, we propose to leave the polling component in order to promote an environment of greater relevance to comments “, wrote the social network. In practice, it means the implementation of a system for questions from users, but eliminates the voting option is kept until now.

The voting mechanism is initiated when a proposal reaches 7000 comments, which has already been achieved in this case more than 17,000 . For this reason, following the same rules as the social network established in 2009, should hold a vote possibly later this week.

The current system, which Facebook wants to change, states that if more than 30% of users reject the initiative, this does not take place. Considering that Facebook has 1,000 million users, 300 million people would have to vote to reject the change.

If less people that vote, the social network considered the result as a “tip” that is not mandatory. The chances of that 30% of Facebook vote are quite low. In the last vote that took place in June, 342,632 people voted.

The voting system is unusual among companies that offer web services, that normally change its terms without seeking the opinion of users. Reactions to the decision that Facebook users vote to remove their voting option has been varied, from confusion to anger and indifference. What do you think? Will vote??

Proposed Updates to our Governing Documents (Facebook)
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