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Posted by on Oct 10, 2012 in Social Networks |

Facebook will host its first steps to enter the digital commerce

Soon will integrate a button called “Want” on retail sites that sell things, grouping these lists in the social network.

Lately, has shown difficulties to monetize their services, ie, obtaining money in exchange for being the largest social network in the world, with over one billion users . The output to the stock market has put pressure on achieving this goal successfully, and apparently, are different elements that influence the achievement of greater economic returns.

Facebook is testing various relationships with partner companies to send gifts , and now reports on a new project that falls within the category of or digital commerce. The new function will be called within the portal Collections and allow individual websites of companies and retail sales include a button that read “Want” (“I”), which may be placed on each of their products and will be a link to Facebook.

The idea is that for example, when you press the “Want” associated with a T-shirt, in the Collections section of the user within Facebook will list everything that has historically chosen, something like a wish list to purchase outstanding later in the chosen e-commerce store.

In the social network does not receive commission or any money for that, but the idea of entering the e-commerce and allow, for example, that in the near future is Facebook who manages all the “shopping cart” of various sales websites grouping them under Collections and charging also promote certain companies over others, thereby bringing revenue.

Currently the project is still under testing and soon to be released in the first instance, in the United States, with companies such as Pottery Barn and Victoria’s Secret being the first to integrate quickly the “Want” on their sites.

Link: Facebook to Partner with retailers on ‘Want’ button (Electronista)

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