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Posted by on Jul 11, 2012 in Social Networks |

Facebook will put links to free virus-infected PCs

Facebook will put links to free virus-infected PCs

(CC) Aaron Landry

is already giving notifications to users when they detect a possible infection on a machine, and now provide links to two free antivirus: Microsoft Essentials and Scan and Repair. Users of Mac will offer a link to the Apple Security Updates.

Previously, if you suspected of having a malware or on your computer, you should run an outside the social network, Facebook now gives you the option to enter the ‘Malware Checkpoint’ and choose from the antivirus Microsoft or the McAfee .

McAfee option will download a program to run on only once and perform a full scan for viruses, while Microsoft is a complete security tool that must be installed on the computer

Link: Facebook connects users to free antivirus software (CNET)

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