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Posted by on Jun 29, 2012 in Social Networks |

Facebook would be trying out new button “I” for products

for some time that allows us to give you “Like” to publications and see how many things posted on its web platform, however, now appears to be working on the idea of implementing a new called “Want” (I ) that would target particular products.

But what Facebook intends this new button? More than anything wants to know and gather information about products that users are interested in, and later share these data with certain shops or companies. This would result in a new way to make profits.

The button in question remains in test mode, however as saying that the developer Tom Waddington to Inside Facebook, “Want” and have been added to the SDK of Javascript as a XFBML tag – . Its operation would be similar to the button “Like” (I love it).

Among the differences that would have to “Like”, the “Want” will reveal whether the addition of user who likes the product, would be interested in purchasing. Thus, advertising agencies know exactly who to show their ads.

Zuckeberg has not addressed the release of this button, so we just wait if finally bet on this platform tool to measure the preferences of users, or if you change your mind before launch.

Link: Facebook may be testing a ‘Want’ button for products (TheVerge)

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