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Posted by on May 27, 2012 in Economy, Social Networks |

Facebook’s entry to the bag was the worst in ten years

Facebook's entry to the bag was the worst in ten years

Opening the stock exchange continues to speak, after the action refused to go up a couple of days in a row and now shareholders sued Zuckerberg, Morgan Stanley and several banks to hide some key information about the process . But it remains the jewel in the crown, which is nothing other than the prize for worst entry to the U.S. in a decade.

And the prize, of course, rests on Facebook. The numbers collected by Bloomberg indicate that, despite the $ 16 million that were collected a record for any technology company, the downside of all this is also scored a record: the return for those invested in stocks is the lowest in the last ten years. In just five days, the price of the shares of Facebook fell 13.1%, “beating” the previous record of MF Global Holdings was noted that a drop of 10%. The numbers are enough to label them in Bloomberg as “epic fail”.

And the blame? There are several factors to which he attributed responsibility, but the inflated price synthetically by Facebook and Morgan Stanley and the high number of shares offered for sale, you say were the main error in the IPO. It does not help the commotion caused by the biased information that the same banks that managed the whole process of opening were ordered to deliver to “select” investors, leaving many ignorant of what was coming.

A little over a week since the IPO of Facebook , one thing is certain: its far-winding-adventure in the world market is just beginning.

Link: Facebook Epic Fail Is Decade’s Worst Large IPOs: Chart Of The Day (Bloomberg)

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