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Posted by on May 24, 2012 in Economy |

Facebook’s plan to monetize your product

Facebook's plan to monetize your product

But enough for a few years has been the most popular social network in the world with millions of users globally and be valued at $ 100,000 million during its exit to the bag . The problem? Monetize the platform, ie make it economically viable, that generate revenue. And the way that Zuckerberg is looking for that goal is to use one of the few options you have, ie, include more advertising.

The problem is that the Facebook platform has major holes to show investors that it is worth to inject into the social network. First, users do not pay attention to the ads they see on screen. In fact, only 4% pressed, ignores the rest. And second, companies are buying the spaces have no information about how they return the money spent and if there is compensation for the expense since it gives them the platform that information back.

How do we solve it? Today’s news – yes, it’s news, not opinion column – is that Facebook advertising policies have changed, now offering the opportunity for customers to buy advertising “premium”, which can be acquired automatically and allows display ads in the feed or flow of news on the home page of users. It also is working on systems to see how people respond to campaigns, as long demanded by customers already mentioned.

Moreover, other changes being considered is to contrast the information you give ad buyers, ie, what they want and what niches, with their own database that Facebook keeps on its users. Yes, I know, issues of privacy and misuse of private data, so we put together another controversy if this falls through.

Obviously with these listings and investors in Facebook advertising clients have been pleasantly surprised by showing that Facebook is in the process of transformation and perhaps a great motivation for that is his recent departure to the stock market, which has not been as successful as expected and in fact reminds us of the ordeal that was experienced with the dotcom bubble burst years ago, something that hopefully will not repeat.

Link: Facebook to launch premium ads, measure ad Impact (Electronista)

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