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FacePopular: The national and popular social network

FacePopular: The national and popular social network

At a time when political opinion and membership is polarized in as well as current initiatives often appear striking, as this new social network named FacePopular , which according to its creators, this clone of aims to unite “who sympathize with the idea of ​​a Big Country, without a bias Kirchner “(by the ruling party), even if all the ingredients needed to be pigeonholed into the ruling cibermilitantes segment flooding networks daily.

The militant group behind the project launched this platform “Latin American popular and” trying to move away from a purely Kirchner frame, which has become popular and militant arm of the ruling party through various groupings.

According to the news source, contrary to what flowed through a press release, social network FacePopular not belong to the Socialist leader Luis D’Elia, known for his combative behavior and speeches, anti imperialist and critic of all kinds of neoliberal policies.

What created the confusion seems to have been the letters that hides the name. FACE, are the initials of Alternative Front Against the Establishment, which set the goal of this network “create a channel of communication and community interaction without arbitrariness and imposition of other models of designed and operated out Latin American region by multinational corporations. “

The irony of this statement is that the distribution rights is through a video on YouTube that uses images from the film Matrix, and social network structure is made as a copy of Facebook.

According to Juan Carlos Romero López , FacePopular network ideologue, Kirchner activist and promoter of several internet INITIATIVES to oppose marches against the government, this contradiction is actually a communication strategy “is a technique that is called ‘The Ferdinand mask ‘: the idea is that people have a habit of consumption, so we also try to be like the Facebook “.

Among the technical features that differentiate this Zuckerberg’s network, there are discussion forums, classifieds, culture icons and political Argentina to identify within the network, and even a button “Do not Like”.

FacePopular was launched on Argentina Independence Day (July 9), and is considered by its creator as “an absolutely democratic expression” and a space where you can discuss but claims not allow illegal ideas such as asking for the removal of any officer or the president by force, or justification or claim of any kind of crime. “ In the broadcast video is playing Matrix scene where Morpheus makes Neo choose between staying in the matrix created by their oppressors fictional or released and see the reality, but with a dialogue that refer to Facebook as the band in eyes to dominate society.

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