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Posted by on Dec 3, 2012 in Internet |

Father of “pirate girl” 9 years agrees to pay 300 euros in Finland

Almost two weeks ago met the case of a 9 year old girl , whose home in was raided by police to confiscate a laptop of Winnie The Pooh and proceed to sue his family for illegally downloading a song Chisu pop singer.

At first, the applicant organization, the – which oversees in that country – the family wanted to pay 600 euros in compensation to avoid further legal action. The father refused to pay the fine and the police ended at home. After the shock that caused the case in public opinion in the world, the father agreed with CIAPC to avoid a lawsuit by paying 300 euros.

The head of the CIAPC, Antti Kotilainen said he was “very happy” with the deal. “In a way, the original negotiations continue where we left off. We removed the call for an investigation because we agree with the father of the girl, “he said.

While it is understandable that the family does not want more entangled in a legal dispute by signing the agreement, avoiding a trial that could expose the CIAPC actions. Chances are that the organization maintains such measures, knocking on the door of every neighbor and asking 600 euros for a pirate song, and if necessary, using the police to carry out the task, despite rejection this caused public opinion.

Link: Father of raided Pirate Bay 9 year old girl settles for 300 euros (TorrentFreak)

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