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Father takes revenge on school principal for iPod to take your child

Father takes revenge on school principal for iPod to take your child

More than one recalled to his former principal as a personal evil to the innocent children. Hendricsen Frank falls into that kind: last year’s ┬áconfiscated a student of 13 years, but did not expect that the student’s parent would take revenge. And revenge.

From offending his son, Robert Esparza of 34 years found nothing better to charge for that rematch and was created a profile on a porn site supplanting the evil school principal. Better yet, photos of the school went to the site, also the wife of Hendricsen, created an email with your name, and was even put in chat sessions. Particularly to that in writing “Frank Hendricsen” in search engines, the association was evident.

And of course, the whole trick was discovered when Hendricsen was offered a job at another school, and to find your name on Google will discover the customs of the director. The job offer was withdrawn and it was submitted to the relevant investigation, until finally Esparza was discovered and confessed that he did for the lulz almost, or more normal words, Hendricsen molestation.

The jury found that Robert Esparza if he is guilty, and now hopes to sentencing in early July. Hendricsen name was cleared of all crimes not committed, and fortunately kept his place in school, now as interim director. And all for an iPod.

Link: Parent gets back at school with porn official site (AZ Central)

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