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Posted by on Dec 31, 2012 in Entertainment |

Father transforms old TV panel “spaceship”

Can you imagine waking up in your own spaceship? The dream of every is what does each morning the little Finn, just five years, who is in his room an old television that allows you to make your imagination. The work exists because Jeremiah Gorman, his proud father.

The panel of the ship was made from a video mixer Grass Valley, which was picked up by a friend of Gorman behind a local television station. Despite the size, it was not impediment to fit inside the room with some imagination.

Due to the age of the unit, Gorman decided to make some small modifications, adding a few meters in areas damaged or blank, also illuminated parts of the room to be handled by the panel when the child wants. Nevertheless, most of the parts had good mobility.

If you could choose something special to have in your room what would it be?

Link: Old TV panel kid’s bed transforms into awesome spaceship (

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