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Posted by on May 29, 2012 in Software |

Fedora 17 is now available

Fedora 17 is now available

(Cc) skvidal

Red Hat released the new version of Fedora, that comes with three weeks of delay in issue 17. The of includes several changes such as GNOME Shell can now run without 3D acceleration, a new feature of sandbox to isolate applications and much debated reorganization of files.

17 gets rid of the / lib /, / lib64 /, / bin / and / sbin /. Now all the files that were once here are in sub-directories of / usr /. Red Hat has made sure that backward compatibility, replacing the deleted directory with links to the new directories.

For this reason, it is unlikely that any user noticing the change in the structure of the file system using Fedora. When upgrading from a previous version, all files that were located in the old directories will be automatically transferred to the new.

The idea of change was to make it easier to keep versions of the file system prior to updating, so that in case of error can do a restore without losing the changes made in / etc / or / var /. It also becomes easier to use multiple systems to a network usr directory.

On the desktop side, Fedora uses GNOME 3.4.1 by default, with several enhancements and bug fixes integrated. GNOME Shell, responsible for the Gnome interface 3.x, also work on systems with graphics systems that do not support 3D acceleration, with the help of a program that performs calculations using the main processor 3D. 3D acceleration requirements are not as high, so the processor can perform properly to show the interface running well.

Alternatively, you can install KDE desktop. It is the same version that was already available in Fedora 16, so there is not much new on this side. It also includes version 4.8 of Xfce, which can be updated to version 4.10.

Among the applications included LibreOffice and GIMP 2.8 pre-installed.

Link: Fedora Project

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