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Posted by on Jun 2, 2013 in Venture |

Feegos! allowed to take your desktop with you wherever you go [FW Startups]

Feegos!  allowed to take your desktop with you wherever you go [FW Startups]

Feegos! is a virtual desktop created by Argentine entrepreneurs which was released a few months ago, and it basically is a webapp that seeks to optimize the timing and safety of users surfing the Internet.

As a desk for web applications, can be used from any operating system from any browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera or Internet Explorer. According to its creators, and are working to launch the mobile version.

To learn more the product interviewed Carlos Tolaba, Biomedical Engineering student 25 years and one of the founders of Feegos!

FW – Where did the idea for Feegos!?

Carlos Tolaba - Feegos! born from a personal need. Every time we use more web applications, whether social networks, home banking, emails, games and more. We need to have all of our sites always accessible no matter where we are or which computer we use.

FW – What would use the service cost? What would your business model?

Carlos Tolaba - The business model is freemium will raise, so you would have two categories, free and premium. The free option allows you to have on the desk between 10 and 15 applications (without the possibility of having some private), two desks, and between three and six credentials. WHILE the premium version has no limit for applications, credentials and desks, and may have private apps.

FW – A few months ago Google announced it would end its service iGoogle homepage under the premise that today’s home pages are not necessary because one is permanently online. What do you think of the decision of Google?

Carlos Tolaba - believe being successful, since such services are down apparently, as also happened with Jolicloud, now Jolidrive, and decommissioning of Linkovery.

With that I can talk to you about a funny thing happened to us when we launched Feegos! because it has a plugin for Chrome and Firefox called SimpleLogin, with which users can save data to access their applications, without having to remember or username and password, plus automatic logging system.

This caught the attention of users and the press, who promoted the site just for this feature . That was when we saw the business potential and decided pivot SimpleLogin, separating it from Feegos! and creating the current project SimpleLogin separately.

FW – What would that service?

SimpleLogin is a free password manager, an application (web and mobile) that allows us to have on hand, quickly and safely, a list of all the passwords you use daily.

Unlike the competition, our password manager allows users to store their data within their trusted storage system such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Box (among others). By this we know that the user is controlling your data and where they are stored. Currently we are promoting the launch, which we hope will be in the coming days.

FW – What funding have achieved so far?

Carlos Tolaba - For now we do not have any funding, all the expenses you approach it had acquired money by FFF (“friends, family and fools”, or friends, family and fools) and partners. The amount invested was spent on operating expenses, travel, training and marketing.

Link: Feegos!

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