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Posted by on Oct 15, 2012 in Entertainment |

Felix Baumgartner broke the sound barrier with his body

Felix Baumgartner broke the sound barrier with his body

After a successful from over 38,900 feet high, and after climbing for over two hours, jumped into the void by becoming the first person to break the with his body.

The mission was seeking four records: Be the first person to achieve speed in freefall (which would Mach 1, that is, 1110 miles per hour), launched from as high as possible (36,576 meters), being longer free fall (5 minutes and 35 seconds) and be the balloon to reach the greatest height being handled by a pilot. Baumgartner won three of the four records, lacking only the most time in freefall.

When Baumgartner exceeded 19 km in height exceeded also called ‘ limit Armstrong ‘, where the presióndesciende atmospheres to 0.0618, which means that the water ebulliciona at human body temperature (37° C) and therefore, without a a person’s blood begin to boil.

After exceeding the 36,576 meters, Baumgartner continued to rise while they decided whether or not launched because of a problem with the cabin temperature. At 38,925 meters, Baumgartner ascent rate stabilized at about 0.3 meters per second while the capsule was heading eastbound at 22 km/h to 75 km west of Roswell, New Mexico.

The atmospheric pressure inside the capsule began to slowly equalize with 0.0027 atmospheres pressure that existed abroad quickly as if you had opened the door to that pressure, the car would have exploded.

Finally, the door opened up behind the cab and 2:33:40 for 38,875 meters high. After spending a few minutes checking everything, was launched, and finally, after falling for a few minutes and more than 1,100 kilometers per hour, made landfall.

Remember that the giant balloon that rose to Baumgartner is made of polyethylene and has a thickness of 20 micrometers (about 0.002 inch, the equivalent of a garbage bag of poor quality). If the balloon is stretched cover 162 square meters, and has a weight of 1,360 kilos.

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