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Posted by on Sep 2, 2012 in Internet |

Filesonic disappears from the network which could be a permanent closure

Filesonic disappears from the network which could be a permanent closure

The closure earlier this year, brought not only consequences for Kim Dotcom site, but for some of his peers . Among these, Filesonic, which had slightly modify your service to avoid being persecuted by the authorities.

But now the changes appear to be higher: past few days is totally out of order. First fell the primary domain (, but still could access from your other addresses (. Net. Jp,. In), but now all those error messages returned from the browser.

It is very likely that the closure is due to the brutal drop in site traffic from January to date, after all the commotion caused by Megaupload. In TorrentFreak say they have contacted several of those responsible for the site in question, but no one gave a concrete face facts.

In any case, it seems that will be greatly missed by Filesonic. Changes in its operating model brought too many restrictions, even for users who pay some sort of fee for use as storage for your own files. It would not be surprising then that the business is no longer profitable for the company, and that’s not counting the latent risk of a lawsuit by the police of legality.

Now, who knows and soon appears a Filesonic completely renovated and improved.

Link: Filesonic cyberlocker Major Traffic Goes Offline After plummets (Torrent Freak)

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