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Posted by on May 31, 2013 in Hardware News |

Filter the new AMD 2013 roadmap

Filter the new AMD 2013 roadmap

Next week will make their appearance the new A-6000 Series “Richland” AMD’s Fusion APUs third generation company, whose appearance seemed to suggest to many that probably postpone the launch of its future APU.

A new release schedule (roadmap) published by AMD revealed that the company plans anyway launch their new APU Kaveri, both in versions for notebooks and ultrathins (socket +) and for desktop socket +, confirming rumors this new socket .

AMD has not revealed details of the new socket FM2 +, but is presumed to be backwards compatible with current socket FM2, so it would be possible to install an APU Kaveri in a motherboard socket FM2, although this may have to be giving up some new chip features such as support to human .

AMD APU also confirms that the Kaveri will be made ​​up between one and two modules Steamroller (up to four cores), but have not revealed details of its integrated graphics, only mentions that will be based on the architecture graph (GCN) and human bear.

Fortunately not deduce much needed to know that the IGP Kaveri will comprise up to 384 shader processors in order to maintain full compatibility with GPU HD 8500 “Oland” under multi-GPU technology: Dual Graphics.

Then the roadmap of AMD:

Filter the new AMD 2013 roadmap image 2

Filter the new AMD 2013 roadmap image 3

It is observed that apparently AMD APU will prioritize its Kaveri, so apparently this year there will be no new FX microprocessors based third generation Steamroller, which probably will be postponed until early next year.

Link: Kaveri APUs AMD Compatible With Socket FM2 + – New Roadmap Confirms Launch in Late 2013 (WCCF Tech)


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