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Posted by on Jun 10, 2012 in Science |

Final: Neutrinos are not faster than light

Final: Neutrinos are not faster than light

And finally, are not faster than light. For a while last year’s statement denying it is on, but now an managers closed the issue and correct their initial measurements.

In fact, it was the project director, Sergio Bertolucci, who gave an official statement within the framework of the Conference on Neutrino in Japan: “Although the new results are not as exciting as many would have liked, is what all expected at the bottom. “ Bertolucci also adds that the story “captured the public imagination,” and served to pass that the people had the opportunity to see the scientific method in action: an unexpected result was put under the microscope, we investigated deeply and finally reached the final conclusion.

“This is how science progresses,” Bertolucci ends. What about the final velocity of the neutrinos? According to official results, these would be “almost” as fast as the Speed of light, which ends up to agree with Einstein and his whole theory of relativity. In any case, the results and the experiment has not been a waste of time for scientists who discovered a second type tau neutrino, and will continue watching to “better understand the neutrino oscillation.”

For those who have not followed the events related to neutrinos, know that these, although not as fast as light, can pass through walls and planets without much problem.

Link: Neutrinos from CERN to Gran sat Sasso Respect the cosmic speed limit (CERN)

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