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Posted by on Jun 7, 2012 in Social Networks |

Find out if your password was stolen from LinkedIn

Find out if your password was stolen from LinkedIn

Yesterday we had you on hacking LinkeIn suffered , and a while ago about how a group of users began to be victims of phishing . Given this grim outlook, there was a website that lets you know if your is found within which were violated.

The system works well, simply enter the portal LastPass and type your password and click Test My Password button and within seconds the tool will indicate if the characters are just written in the list containing the affected accounts. For your peace of mind, the site does not store any user registration and password below.

is currently sending emails to users who were affected by this theft, which explains the situation and what to do. Along with this, “nothing silly” Cybercriminals took advantage of the messages and are posing this social network to lure users into a phishing .

The platform of professional contacts reminded users that although the passwords on this list are not associated with any name, it is essential to the key change at any time since this information could be used by hackers.

To test, you can try entering the words “password”, “123456″ or “qwerty” highly common passwords (if yours is one of those, it is mandatory to change).

Link: How to Check If Your Password Was Stolen LinkedIn (Mashable)

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