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Posted by on Jun 22, 2012 in Science |

Find the point where love is born in the brain

Find the point where love is born in the brain

For years, scientists, philosophers and chefs have been asked where is that is born and is that unlike anger, fear or pleasure, the feeling of love is a bit more complex and abstract (hence a poem or apple strudel can love you).

But researchers at Concordia University in Canada appear to have found the original site this feeling, it is linked to the area where sexual desire originates.

In this study, researchers from the Universities of Syracuse and Virginia, who reviewed 20 which analyzed the activity related to love and sexual desire.

Volunteers were asked to observe MRI brain activity while they viewed erotic pictures or photo of the person you were in love. This showed that the insula in the cerebral cortex and the striatum in the forebrain were those with more activity.

But love is so complex that also engaged an additional area, this part of the brain is having to do with addictions to drugs, so that researchers make sense because when you fall in love (but really) is like if you come back addicted.

Now you know, if you do not create an addiction in your family is that they are not doing well.

Link: The Common Neural Basis Between Sexual Desire and Love: A Multilevel Analysis Kernel Density fMRI (Journal of Sexual Medicine

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